A Wizard’s Guide to Quidditch Broomsticks

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One of the beautiful things about the Harry Potter universe is how thorough it is. Witches and wizards ride brooms, but there are many different brands and models to choose from, each one suited to the user’s needs. Quidditch broomsticks, for example, are ideally very fast and very sturdy.

Cleansweeps, for example, have been updated several times over the course over their existence, and they are a utilitarian broom. This is a broom that can do well both on the Quidditch field or off it, and it is one that Oliver Wood suggests for Harry in Read More »

Previewing the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly through the air and experience a thrilling game of Quidditch alongside Harry Potter? If you want to find out, join the queue in Hogswarts’ Room of Requirement and utter the single word “Observatory.” In short order, Ron, Hermoine and Harry will whisk you into the center of a virtual match you will never forget.

Before the game ends, however, you will encounter Hagrid’s fire-breathing Hungarian Horntail dragon, the water-spitting spider called Aragog, soul-sucking Dementors, the Read More »

International Competition: All About the Quidditch World Cup

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In the Harry Potter world, Quidditch was a popular school sport. The sport was mentioned sporadically throughout the series. Later, Rowling penned the book Quidditch Through the Ages for a charity event. The book discusses the history of the sport and its spread throughout the world.

Due to the popularity of the book, the sport of Quidditch has left the land of fantasy and entered a university near you. The International Quidditch Association seems to be the largest organization that supports the sport.Get more information here. June 2013

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